Cost of Auto Glass Replacement

The Cost of Auto Glass Replacement

and how to get started

The cost of auto glass replacement ranges depending on the various different features that each vehicle may come equipped with. Vehicles may have none or all of the features listed below and come mounted directly to the windshield.

Lane Departure Warning SystemEyesight
Lane Keep Assist (LKA)Heated Wiper Park Area
Rain and Humidity SensorsMonochromatic Mirror

I would like to know more about the features on my windshield!

Safety regulations prevent features from being “delete-able” for those looking to save money on installation and parts. Only the correct piece of glass must be used. Choosing the correct piece of glass is vital to a successful installation and prices are different for every vehicle.

Should I Pay Cash Or Use My Insurance?


If you do not have a deductible, it is 0$ out of pocket.

Authorization is granted by the insurance provider after we complete a three-way phone call between our representative, the insurance provider, and our client. After that, approval is normally received within a few minutes. We’ll take care of the rest from there! And no, glass claims will NOT raise your rates! Learn more about the claim process.


Sometimes, adding Glass Coverage to insurance policies simply gets overlooked. If you find yourself in this position, we hope you’ll give us an opportunity to provide you with a competitive cash quote. Glass Masters will always help you get the best price out of pocket and will explain what options are available to you, with and without using your insurance. The average cost of auto glass replacement typically ranges from 170$- 600$ and some replacements can cost up to $3000.

Autoglass claims will NOT raise your insurance rates! Glass Masters works with all Auto Insurance Companies.

Cost Of AutoGlass Repair

Windshield Rockchip Repairs – start at 50$

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