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Sunroof & Moonroof Glass Replacement

Sunroof & Moonroof Glass Replacement

Leave Sunroof & Moonroof Glass Replacement to the Experts

Have you been asking Google or Siri for “Sunroof & Moonroof Glass Replacement near me”? We are here to help! After just a few short minutes on the phone with us and we can set you up with your appointment and our mobile autoglass unit can come to you.

Sunroof Replacement made stress-free!

Your Sunroof and Moonroof glass is usually made of tempered glass, which is designed to shatter upon impact. This design feature aims to minimize injuries, from shards of glass in vehicle accidents by dispersing the flying glass fragments. But, it leaves glass everywhere! Don’t worry we’ll get all of that glass cleaned up for you.

Our technicians will carefully remove interior trim to access necessary clips and bolts. Most installations take 45 to 60 minutes, depending on glass and vehicle type.

What To Expect: For Your Sunroof & Moonroof Glass Replacement

  1. Inspect the damage carefully.
  2. Remove the damaged glass.
  3. Vacuum any debris and glass from the vehicle.
  4. Install the new sunroof or moonroof.
  5. Ensure all capabilities are functional.
  6. Clean the new glass and any mess left over from installation.

Sometimes A Replacement Is Not The Answer.

Is your sunroof or moonroof leaking? If so, most people don’t know that your sunroof and moonroof does not create a perfect water seal. It will seal out almost all of the water, but the little bit that gets through runs into a Water Catch Tray. The excess water then travels down a rubber hose (they are usually attached to the interior A-Pillars) down to drain into the wheel well and out of the vehicle. After a few years of travel, it is not uncommon for the drains in the roof glass to become clogged by leaves and debris. Blocked drainage means water will have no place to go, resulting in a puddle of water on your car or truck floor.

 All Of Our Replacement Technicians Are AGSC Certified

Same as any windshield, when we replace your Sunroof and Moonroof Glass, our warranty applies. The installation and glass carries a nationwide, lifetime warranty. Read more about our warranty HERE.

Turn to us for your Sunroof & Moonroof Glass Replacement and you can expect the best customer service with the satisfaction that your Sunroof and Moonroof has been quality inspected to meet DOT standards.

Twin City Auto Glass Replacement!

Twin City auto glass replacement

Sunroof & Moonroof Glass Replacement Service Near Minneapolis & Saint Paul

Need us to come to you? Take advantage of our mobile service, you can count on us for fast and convenient auto glass repair and replacement. We service a very large area, so ask us today!

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