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State Farm Glass Claims

State Farm Glass Claim

Glass Masters – State Farm Glass Claims

Are You looking to file a State Farm glass claim for a windshield replacement or general auto glass repair? Perfect, because Glass Masters is a one of their preferred glass shops. We have years of experience working with them.

We can file the State Farm auto glass claim for you it only takes about 15 minutes on the phone and you’re done. State Farm glass claims is our forte and one of our favorite companies to work with. Which is great because a large number of motorists opt for State Farm Insurance for coverage.

Does State Farm Cover Auto Glass Replacement

Policyholders might be confused as to whether State Farm covers these replacements and when. State Farm Insurance does, in fact, cover the replacement of windshields (if you have glass coverage). State Farm customers who have State Farm glass coverage can file a claim for repairs or replacements. The main question is weather you have a deductible or not. Minnesota is actually one of the only states that offers a 0$ deductible.

Do I have to call State farm first?

No, you don’t have to call State Farm first. Feel free to give us a call, Our customer service representative can help guide you through the process, saving you time and a headache.

What do I need to file an Auto Glass claim with State Farm?

  • Insurance information, such as your name and policy number.
  • Vehicle Information ( Year, Make & Model )
  • Your Information ( Phone #, Address, Etc.)

Then you can leave the rest to us! Thank Your For Choosing Glass Masters an AGSC certified shop For All Of Your Auto Glass Needs.

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