The Windshield Repair Process

Here’s what you should know about the windshield repair process and when a replacement may be necessary. While most repairs are completed without issue, there are rare instances that a windshield repair can cause the damage to “crack out”. Although this happens on rare occasion, Glass Masters will gladly transfer all repair fees over to the replacement should it become necessary! Know that all repairs will be slightly visible when finished. AGSC standards state that any windshield with damage larger than three inches should be replaced.

It is important for the technician to properly identify the type of break or chip in order to perform the repair properly. The following three examples are the main types of breaks:

1. The Star Break

A “Star Break” is when your windshield gets hit by debris and it looks like a little star. You can see a center impact point with lines leaving the impact location. This is the type of damage that is most likely to “crack out” due to temperature changes or from the slight body flex of the vehicle as you drive.

2. The Bull’s-Eye

The “Bull’s-eye” is the easiest rock chip to repair. However, it often leaves a visible, but minor halo around the area. Most times a break like this will disappear almost completely.

3. The Combination Break

The Combination Break is just what it sounds like. It is a mix between the “Bull’s-eye” and the “Star Break”. These are moderately challenging to repair and if not addressed promptly, have a probable chance of “cracking out” at any given time.

The Windshield Repair Process

Rock Chip Repair Service

1. Create an Opening

When a laminated windshield gets a chip or a crack, it essentially creates an air pocket between the lamination and the damage in the glass. An entry location is first needed for the Ultra Violet cured resin. Either a pick tool will be used to remove small fragments from the chip, or a very small hole will need to be drilled to give the resin access to the air pocket/damaged area.

Car Windshield Repair

2. Injecting Resin

A repair tripod is first affixed to the windshield in order to begin injecting resin. Using the correct amount of heat and pressure is critical; if a little too much heat or pressure is applied during the repair process, it will “crack out”. While this is an uncommon occurrence, it happens to the very best technicians from time to time. At Glass Masters, we take every precaution to ensure only the highest quality work is performed and only send experienced technicians. We know it’s easy to ignore what may seem like an insignificant repair, but making that choice will eventually lead to a full replacement!

Windshield Chip Repair

3. Pit Filler

Once resin has been injected and cured into the chip/damaged area of the windshield, filling the exterior impact point of the chip with pit resin comes next. Lastly, the entire area of the repair is cured using UV lighting. Upon completion, there is likely to be a visible area where the damage was previously. And although this is a structural repair and not necessarily a cosmetic one, anything that obstructs your vision will qualify through your insurance for a full replacement. If you’re paying out of pocket, Glass Masters will gladly apply the price of the repair towards the cost of a full windshield replacement.

After completion of all repairs, the work area is cleaned thoroughly. Vehicles are ready for driving immediately after a chip repair.

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