Vent Glass Replacement

Vent Glass Replacement

Vent Glass Replacement

The History of Vent Glass

Vent glass is named for the fact that they used to open to provide ventilation. They have been called breeze windows, cross vent windows or no-draft windows for the characteristics the occupant desired. They have also been called wing vents, wind wings or butterfly windows for their appearance or quadrant windows for their size.

How to Replace the Vent Glass

Vent Glass Replacement

Almost all side windows require replacement. Even if the damage is small enough, it will still likely not be a good candidate for repair as most vent windows and quarter windows are made of tempered glass rather than laminated and tempered glass cannot be repaired. Some higher end vehicles, and those that offer improved acoustical glass, such as Buick, include laminated glass on many side windows, so that repair may be possible. Usually though, vent window glass replacement is necessary.

How Much Does Car Vent Window Replacement Cost?

There’s a great variation in the cost of replacement, depending on whether the vent windows open and close or if they are stationery. Replacements of stationary glass will be less expensive. Replacements of operable car vent windows can vary by how the vent opens and closes. Assuming part procurement is not an issue, replacement of car windows that open mechanically is almost always less expensive than replacement of a power window mechanism.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $900 for quarter glass window replacement, depending on the make, model, year and type of damage to the quarter window with the average quarter window replacement cost falling around $200. And don’t delay, as damage to any car side window makes it more susceptible to break-ins and theft as well as causing safety and visibility issues.

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