Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement

Choosing the right Auto Glass shop for your windshield replacement is important for many reasons. Our goal is to do the job safely and correctly the first time. We provide quality workmanship, professionally trained and experienced technicians who genuinely care about detail when replacing auto glass on your vehicle. With mobile service throughout the Minneapolis area, Glass Masters Auto Glass will come to your home or office to replace your windshield.

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Can my windshield be repaired?

If you’ve been driving for very long, you probably know the sinking feeling that follows the loud crack of a rock bouncing off of your windshield. When you finally inspect it, one question inevitably comes to mind: Can I get this repaired or do I need to replace the whole thing?

You will need a replacement windshield if

  1. The windshield crack is longer then 3 inches
  2. The damage goes through both layers of glass
  3. the windshield damage is too chose to the edge to repair
  4. the windshield damage is directly in the drivers line of sight

I think it can be repaired and I would like to learn more.

Is a cracked windshield dangerous?

While a crack in the glass may not seem like a big deal, it’s essential you fix it immediately due to a variety of reasons including:

  1. In many states, it’s illegal to drive a car with a cracked windshield.
  2. The structural integrity of your vehicle relies on the windshield.
  3. Your windshield protects you from flying debris in the event of an accident. If your windshield has a crack, it’s more likely to shatter or break.
  4. It can impair your view while driving.

I would like to know more about the cost of windshield replacement.

We work with all insurance companies, would you like more information on filing a claim? Read More. If not we’re always ready to provide you with a competitive cash quote, Call Today!

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