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Windshield Repair In Minneapolis

Windshield Repair

Windshield Repair is Our Specialty!

You’ve got to act fast if you spot a chip in your windshield. You might think, “It can wait until I have the money for it or when my insurance covers it.” But don’t do that! If left alone, this little rock could turn into an even bigger problem and leave you with no choice but to replace your car’s entire windshield. A windshield repair saves the glass from further damage, but if you leave it alone, water can seep into the crack and spread, creating unsafe driving conditions. And those pesky cracks are especially prevalent here in Minnesota! The freeze-and-thaw cycle shows no mercy to auto glass. So give us call and we’ll gladly answer all of your questions!

Don’t Let That Chip Become A Crack!!

Windshield Repair

Glass Masters is your one stop shop for anything Auto Glass related! Our repair division technicians are NGA Certified and dedicated to restoring the integrity and visibility to your auto glass. Weather it’s removing surface scratches on your door glass or its repairing a 3″ crack in our windshield we’re always here – ready, willing, able…and happy-to help.

Can my windshield be repaired?

If you’ve been driving for very long, I’m sure that the sinking feeling in your stomach has followed a loud crack of rock bouncing off from your windshield. Upon inspection, temporary relief is often felt upon discovering damage small enough to be repaired. If you are unsure just ask Glass Masters! Call (952) 491-0505 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have! AGSC guidelines state that any damage larger than three inches should be replaced and if it’s smaller than the size of a quarter it can be repaired. However, depending on the severity and location of the damage, replacement may be necessary.

When You Will Need a Windshield Replacement

Cost of glass replacement, The Ultimate Guide: Windshield Repair & Replacement
  • A failed DIY Windshield Repair was executed.
  • The windshield crack is longer then 3 inches.
  • The damage goes through both layers of glass.
  • The windshield damage is too close to the edge of the windshield to be repaired.
  • The windshield damage is directly in the driver’s line of sight.
  • A Windshield repair was already made directly in the driver’s line of sight and leaves distortion. Repair cost is then applied toward the full replacement cost.

Why or Why Not Windshield Repair?

 The advantages of repairing your windshield are:

  1. – the cost is much less than replacement, repairs generally ranging from $60-$130
  2. – you don’t need to wait for a new windshield – it can be done while you wait.

The disadvantages of repairing your windshield are:

  1. -You will still be able to see the spot where the windshield was repaired.
  2. -The repair will only last about two years; at which point you’ll need to have it replaced.

To learn about Windshield Replacement Cost, Click HERE

Windshield Repair Acknowledgement

cracked Windshield Repair

The AGSC guidelines state that any damage larger than three inches should be replaced and anything smaller will usually need a windshield repair. On rare occasions, a repair simply won’t take. But don’t worry, Glass Masters will transfer the cost of the repair to the replacement. If a glass repair causes cracks or chips in other areas on the windshield (known as “cracking out”), we’ll transfer all fees over for an even better deal- just call us and ask about our warranty program today.

Scratch / Scuff Repair

Sometimes we can simply polish out unsightly scratches, metal deposits, aluminum deposits and other surface damage. The rule of thumb is if you can feel it with your finger nail you can’t polish it out.

Windshield Repairs normally start at $79.95. If you carry comprehensive coverage, your insurance company will likely waive your deductible… Read More.

If you’re looking for a place that can guarantee high quality service, Glass Masters is the right business to turn to. Contact us today and we’ll be there in no time!

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